Earth Bound (Songs from the Musical)

A new album is out! "Earth Bound" is an original musical in two acts that premiered in Prague in 2021. The story, which deals with the topics of space explorations, environmental activism, and friendship, was first planned to be performed by a group of teenagers learning English, but it grew into an ambitious project involving teens, young learners, university students, and even preschoolers. The production process was affected by the pandemic, it was paused several times, and by the time it opened, some children had aged out of their roles. Even though the show was successful, everyone was too exhausted to keep going. However, we did not want to say good-bye to the songs, and decided to record them. I hope you will enjoy listening as much as we loved singing. For more information about the album and the story, please click HERE. Or choose your favorite platform such as Spotify or Apple Music HERE.