Short Scenes

These simple scripts have been written to help students consolidate specific structures or lexical chunks. They can be used as a part of regular English lessons along with other teaching techniques. The students can read the scripts and stage them in pairs or small groups, they can work with some of the lines from the scripts and try to use them in different contexts, improvise through the scenes in various genres, or create alternative endings and more. The short scenes are from my early work and I have decided to make them available free of charge. Enjoy!

The Intermission

age: adults
characters: 3
focus: the present cont. tense
time: 6 - 8 min

Make or Do?

age: adults
characters: 2
focus: make x do
time: 3 - 5 min

Private Time

age: adults
characters: 2
focus: past tense forms
time: 10 min