The Intermission

age: adults
characters: 3
focus: the present cont. tense
time: 6 - 8 min

By Bara Dockalova

(In a theatre, during the intermission. CHARLIE is waiting at the bar for SARAH, his new girlfriend, who has gone to the restroom. He is holding two drinks. Suddenly, his MOTHER appears in front of him.)

MOTHER: Charlie! Is it you?

CHARLIE: Mother? What… what are you doing here?

MOTHER: I’m so surprised to see you! (In a low voice) Where is she?

CHARLIE: Mom, what are you doing here? Aren’t you… aren’t you working tonight?

MOTHER: They are painting the restaurant. No one is working.

CHARLIE: That’s good… but what are you doing here?

MOTHER: Watching a play.

CHARLIE: Are you spying on me?

MOTHER: Spying?

CHARLIE: Yes, mother, spying. Following me. Are you?

MOTHER: Of course not!

CHARLIE: How did you know I was going to be here?

MOTHER: I didn’t!

CHARLIE: Mother!

MOTHER: Well… I saw the tickets… on your chair… at home.

CHARLIE: I did not leave the tickets on my chair. I had them in the pocket of my coat all the time!

MOTHER: Yes. And the coat was on the chair.

CHARLIE: Mother!!!

MOTHER: Yes, dear? Where are you sitting?

CHARLIE: Sitting? Oh… in the… fifty… fifty second row.

MOTHER: Why are you lying to me?

CHARLIE: I’m not lying to you!

MOTHER: Do you think I would want to sit with you? Come on, don’t be silly. Where are you sitting?

CHARLIE: I’m not telling you!

MOTHER: OK, OK. (In a low voice:) Where is she? I’m dying to see her!

CHARLIE: Mother, please!

(Sarah enters.)

SARAH: Hi… (taking the drink) Thank you.

CHARLIE: Sarah, this is-

MOTHER: You must be Sarah. I’m Charlie’s mother.

SARAH: Oh… nice to meet you…

CHARLIE: My mother is leaving.

MOTHER: Leaving? In the middle of the show? What a crazy idea! (To Sarah) And? Are you enjoying the evening?

CHARLIE: We were.

SARAH: Yes, we’re having fun.

MOTHER: It’s a good play, isn’t it?

SARAH: Oh yeah.

MOTHER: Where are you sitting?

SARAH: On the second balcony. This way.

MOTHER: Great! I’ll sit with you! And what are you doing after the show?

SARAH: I… I’m not sure…

MOTHER: We can do something together. Let’s all take a nice walk.