Make or Do?

age: adults
characters: 2
focus: make x do
time: 3 - 5 min

By Bara Dockalova

JOHN: Mary?

MARY: Yes, John?

JOHN: Would you __________ me a favour?


JOHN: What? I just wanted to ask you to __________ coffee!

MARY: __________ it yourself.

JOHN: Are you angry? What did I __________ ? (Pause.) Mary. (Pause.) Mary, please.

MARY: You said you would help me. At least today.

JOHN: I’ll __________ the dishes after dinner, ok?

MARY: What dinner?

JOHN: Well... our dinner...

MARY: Pray tell, who’s going to __________ that dinner?

JOHN: Haven’t you... Haven’t you __________ dinner?

MARY: It’s my birthday, John!!!

JOHN: I know! I __________ my bed, didn’t I?

MARY: You should __________ a little more than that!